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Hey sunflower,

Sorry to hear about your tough time that you have.

What I am going to tell you is just stopp thinking about what your ex did to you.

Of course it’s really difficult, most of people faced with this situation but soon or later you will realize you made a big mistake about your ex.

In this case you just loss your precious time, the time that you have to be happy and enjoy it.

Two years is such a long time, it seems you were so close to each other! But he left!

This is a point that you have to consider it; he left….

Again I want to tell you it’s so hard but you must be so strong, things are getting better when you care about yourself, when you realize no-one is important to ruin two years for him.

What I’m suggesting is keep yourself busy and avoid overthinking.

Attend to any groups, no matter what it is.

Do any activities that you like.

Go to the gym or any sports club (I highly recommended)

Take care and I hope best thing for you