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I’ve been doing lots of reading and it seems the norm that if you earn over £338 in an assessment period, even if working less than 25 hours a week, the work coaches don’t ask you to work up to 25 hours a week, on the understanding that you work more hours if they were offered.

i don’t know what my friend’s hourly rate is , but it’s possible that the above applies to her.

Im studying/working 16 hours a week but obviously as I’m “voluntary” it’s unpaid. It’s mandatory with the course though so I do think it’s a bit unfair. If I was working in this job for those hours, I’d be earning over the threshold. I did try to obtain a trainee post at the higher level but was unable to find one. (They’re like gold dust) So voluntary was my only option.

Im umming about going back to college now as it sounds like it would be simpler to work and let go of my idea of re-training for the job I loved

So my next question…if I work search but am unable to find 9 hours work a week (seems dubious as it needs to be in school hours but I’ll try) how strict will UC be? I’ve briefly read about sanctions and frankly, it’s terrifying as the consequences would be dire for me and my kids (falling behind on rent/bills, eviction etc. Sorry if that sounds dramatic but I have severe anxiety and things other people can process, I find overwhelming. I need to have it straight in my head.


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