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Hi Singledadof3

Sorry to hear you’re going through this – it’s tough but you can do it. I’d start by taking stock of all your bills – find out your council tax (and make sure you have a single person discount applied), water, electricity/gas, etc – sometimes these are on online accounts only, but if you have a joint bank account you should be able to see how much these are currently at and all regular payments?

Money Advice service is a good place to start too for some advice and help.

Monetary help from the government will very much depend on your wage, but also take a look at what “extra” money goes out – for example, Netflix, Amazon prime, Sky, etc – you’ll need to work out what you really need and cut down any extras you can do without.

Good luck – and remember to try and take care of your mental health however you can, it’ll help you make the right decisions for you and your children’s future. 🙂