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I understand Parental Alienation is hard to prove

That said I will give you a snapshot about my last contact with CAFCASS. My son, when he was 11, wanted his surname changing from the BC surname to my surname. Cafcass got involved and appointed a student social worker to take it on. ‘Great’ I thought ‘She won’t know what she’s doing’  At the end she recommended to the court that he keeps the surname as on his BC. She came to see my son to tell him why she had made that decision.  Some days later she phoned me to tell me due to the conversation she had with my  son a few days earlier she had changed her mind and that he she was going to write to the court again changing her earlier recommendations to recommending that he should be allowed to be legally know as the same surname as me, I take my hat off to her. I think that kind of social worker is rare that to change her mind showed me that she genuinely had my son’s best interest at heart.  We worked well together during the time she was involved in my son’s life. The judge gave an order that my son from now on he could be known as my surname, my son had just turned 12 when the judge gave issued the order.