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i couldn’t agree more with everyone else’s reply, especially the part about not putting said sperm donor on birth certificate!

I won’t bore you with all m details but I was lied to by a married man posing as a single one, fell pregnant very unexpected at 40 and didn’t even realise! Found out my beautiful surprise blessing at 12.5 weeks.

There is a lot of help out there you just have to investigate. I had to redo my degree after moving back to UK.

i have no family, my sperm donor is abroad so it’s my now almost 7 yr old daughter.

Its tough, ive never felt so isolated and exhausted but I wouldn’t change it.

Its obviously not how I imagined my life, but I make the rules, I’m the full time parent and like the gentleman above said, your child will love you unconditionally x

Not sure where you live but if you want to vent or chat let me know. I’m now almost 48 with an almost 7 yr old 🤪

Lisa xx