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I don’t think a contact order will sort this out for you. A contact order can be broken without much in the way of consequences to be honest. The time and effort to keep going back to court when he keeps breaking the order will wear you out I should think but I don’t know how much you can bear in that area, we all have our own limits as to how much is too much.

My advice would be to bring this situation under your control. At the moment he has all the control. He has control over you and the children. I would be sending him an email telling him that from this point on the only communication will be via email. I would be blocking all other forms of communication.

Your children sound old enough to know if they want to be at his house, let them have a voice in what they want and then email your ex to tell him the contact the children want with him. He will test you by trying to bully you some more, you will need to stay resolute in staying strong in what is acceptable for you and you alone which obviously includes the children xx