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Anonymous is quite right in that the resident parent has a duty to inform the NRP. I’m looking at it from a different angle though, the OP has said that the dad clearly loved the kids, I don’t understand why he’s so lazy with taking an interest when he isn’t with them but wouldn’t it be lovely for the children to hear their dad say when he sees them ‘ Hey wow, your mum told me how well you’d done at (whatever)!’ It promotes a better relationship with the children and it also shows the children that mum and dad are communicating for the betterment of the children. I feel to purposely withhold things about the children is more to do with the RP wanting to get one over on the NRP which really only does the kids harm.

In the long run by keeping the NRP parent informed it may prompt them to be more involved which can only be a good thing from the children’s point of view .