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Look into getting a non molestation order with regards threats etc and harassment. That is unacceptable and needs challenging. Report to the police any such threats.

With regards the contact, he has obviously been having reasonable monthly contact for some time and a court would undoubtedly progress this to unsupervised as beyond the initial kidnap threats – that you should have acted upon officially (hindsight being great!) he wouldn’t be seen as a threat to his child. You have an issue with his partner but nothing to back this up that she or his family would be a risk to the child. And the order would give you resident parents status so at that point if he reused to return the child the police would become involved.

I think that as hard as this is, probably for the both of you court is the best route! It removes you having to make the decisions to increase the contact and argue/fight about what is reasonable as you’re both entrenched in quite negative thoughts about the other parent. Court can be empowering.