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He sounds a right piece of work.

Yes you can block all contact with him and his family, just keep email contact open only with him and this will not go against you in court as there is communication between you and him open. If he passes your email address onto his family members and they email you, block them. He will be much more careful what he says in an email as this would be evidence for any future court.

If he phones decline the call. If he manages to get thru to you, hang up. If he texts you, delete it straight away. Courts don’t take much notice of texts but they do with emails so keep any and all emails from him.

Please do not worry about going to court, it is nowhere near as terrifying as you might think. I was worried my ex was going to take my son away to another country. The courts understood my fear and told my ex he must surrender his passport each time he has contact, they are on the side of the child xx