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I moved house last Nov while I was on UC but I had just gotten a little job working 10hrs per week so yes that helped but I am still on UC. They did a credit check on me which would have shown that I had a poor credit score, this is because I never had a credit card and I owned no man no money. I explained the reasons why I would come back with a poor credit score.

I couldn’t afford the deposit and a months rent up front so I applied to my council for  Discretionary Housing Payment to cover those costs which I recieved thank goodness, that could be a good option for you too.

Landlords don’t want 6 months rent up front usually, you might be getting mixed up with landlords wanting to start the contract with a 6 month tenancy agreement which is normal.

Have you thought about house sharing with another person, one that is obviously not over crowded. I would think that in London there would be plenty of people looking for a flatmate?