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I couldn’t agree any more with what Anonymous has said esp having no contact with him and not even letting him know when you baby is born, like she said he can work out when 9 months is up. From now on you decide how this is going to go, it’s nothing to do with anyone else. You really do not need to have him at the forefront of your mind anymore. Don’t allow him to rule your life from this point on please.

Who is ever going to love you? Your child will love you unconditionally. Your child will not care that you wake up in a morning with your hair all over the place or having a snotty nose coz your full of cold or if you slurp your soup or anything at all like that that. You don’t have to look perfect, you don’t have to behave perfect, you don’t need to have the best house to be loved and that kind of love is not gushy, it’s very real and you will know that when you get there, it’s absolute magic. xx