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My goodness you do have a lot on at the moment. You and your children have been landed with a situation that you had no control over. The good news is that this will not last forever even tho it may feel like like it will at the mo.

You have had your support whipped away from under your feet and the children have had their dad removed from their lives. Your feeling it and so are the children. The children will react and if that means they are going to play up for you because they don’t know what else to do, they don’t know what’s happened to dad and they will be missing him too, he’s just vanished and it’s confusing for them, deal with each thing as it happens. But I wouldn’t worry too much about having a super tidy home if it means you are running yourself ragged. When the children are giving you the run around try some distraction techniques such as getting out some paper and pens and start drawing; they will want to join in esp if there is a couple of biscuits on the table for people who calm down and draw. Maybe they could draw a picture for their dad, you could pop it in the post for him.

Would there be the option for you to take some time off work to catch your breath?