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Hi and welcome to the forum and thank you for sharing.  You are not back to square one, you will find after so little contact he has a lot of making up to do and your kids will have high expectations, for them they may have taken time with you forg whereas this is an opportunity to rekindle lost time with their dad but make no mistake they will be expecting the world from him as he has let them (and you) down so as much as they will be pleased to see him it will be very easy for him to fall short.  When they return to you they WILL see the contrast and realise who has their back and puts the time in.  Dont be thinking he gets to walz back in cause your kids won’t see it that way, they are hyper aware of situation even from an early age.  Try to take the time to yourself to do sonething u couldn’t do when u got kids in tow….you been looking after them solidly 10 months so take time to look after yourself too now you’ve got a little respite.

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