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It will of course be a difficult transition for you all.

I would say that initially baby wouldn’t be having overnights anyway unless he was the primary caregiver or incredibly involved with the children’s care before the split? Overnights would not really be appropriate until the 18-24 months mark, most opting for the latter.

Due to the transition, it would probably be wise to go slowly. Let the children get used to the split, see dad away from the family and new home for a few weeks. Then introduce the new home and overnight for the 5 year old. That brings you into Advent and the need to go with your child’s needs for how things progress, playing it by ear. However, the key will be consistency, so if he has shift work, it needs to be a consistent so that your child knows where she stands, eg Friday is Daddy’s night etc.

As hard as this will be, you need to looking forward to how you will split/organise Christmas and New Year as this is fast approaching.

Managing the overnight, initially wont be as bad as you anticipate if you still have baby to manage and given we have Christmas coming, you will no doubt find loads to keep busy from decorating and baking to wrapping/card writing! You may eventually actually enjoy the time – plenty say they do!