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I think it’s great you want to be so involved.

I’m a receiving parent and like the person earlier, my ex told me he was going to laugh at the little amount of money he was having to give me. He, like your mum, goes on expensive trips abroad several times a year and lives a life of Riley.

I find he ensures he gets over the first bracket of nights. I mean literally 1 night over. I’m guessing this is to reduce his maintenance.

One thing I would say is i don’t think it would be possible to enforce maintenance is spent directly on the child. Maintenance includes covering things like providing a roof over their heads, food etc. From my perspective it all goes into one pot and this helps me pay the mortgage and bills. He decided he didn’t want to give me spousal maintenance. Maybe if he did the child maintenance could then be spent directly on our child.

i tend to find generally in a separation, if there is a devious person it always seems to work in their favour and they come out of it all better