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Wow, your kids are lucky to have you dads that want to be involved. The first words out of my Exh were he would give me the minimum for our DD who was 14 at the time, has expensive tastes & is taller than the average teenage girl at 6’1 so also requires expensive clothes to fit! I applied to CMS and he was not happy with the figure they gave as he seemed to have forgotten he has a company car. Although my payment is fairly high I know that this money is for whatever she needs (I get no spousal maintenance), if she wants to go on an expensive sch trip it’s down to me to make that happen. I think in his eyes that money is for nice things for her not just to put a roof over her head & petrol in the car to ferry her to all the activities she goes to & I wouldn’t dare ask (& neither will she now after an unfortunate incident with an expensive sch trip I said no to) – Fortunately I have no contact with him & hers is v limited she hasn’t stayed with him since he left 15 months ago & now rarely sees him & even then not for v long)

Dadof12345, I think you are doing more than your fair share well done!