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Hi, I’m going through similar minus the alcoholism. 20yrs together, 3 kids, he just up and left. Comes to light yesterday that he’s been seeing a young girl in her 20’s (he’s nearly 50!! Lied about his age saying he was 37) during the time we were together. I’m struggling to come to terms with this.  He’s a sociopath so following good advice I’m finding online about that however, I feel as though I’m wasting my days sitting analysing this and cannot fathom what he is thinking, where the logic is and how can he just walk away from everything. I too work full time and struggle to organise childcare some days whilst he doesn’t have a care in the world, living it up with the younger girls. My god! Did I ever know this man? I’m massively wounded but I know I’ll recover, and like you, it is just a time thing. Focus on the short term, getting through each day and looking for the positives in it. Making new friends really does help, someone to sound off to but it is difficult with working full time. It may sound silly but today I created my own calendar to mark off each day. I look forward to the end of each 30 days to reflect and see how far I’ve come.  Happy to be your online buddy