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Having known as few shift workers who have goes to court, ALL were awarded contact based around their work, especially before school age.

I have to say that I don’t really see what the issue is. Beyond an increase in overnights and the potential for childcare fees on unneeded days.

I would focus on making this work.  It maybe that you state that you’d agree but he accepts as a result he becomes liable for childcare especially for 2/5 days as this will be needed to keep the place open. If not, then your barter could be you agree only to one of these patterns as he becomes fully liablefor arranging childcare on those two days.

Just because he could get more quality time isn’t a reason to refuse.  That’s your choice to work when you do and his when he does.

Is this in your child’s best interests? On balance I’d expect a court to say yes as it’s quality contact with a parent.