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And I heard Elf has got friends this year???**!!! Oh No he hasn’t!!!!


Have I got another 20 mins in my life of an evening, every evening over the sodding xmas period, to spend creating exciting antics for some bit of synthetic plastic??!!!  OH NO I HAVE’NT!!! Does anyone else share this pain?? Those elves have way more fun than I do.  Okay, I get that it’s quite sweet for children to have this, but our Elf (I did actually buy one about 5 yrs ago, God knows where it is now, probably got it’s bootied feet up its nose amongst piles of dust behind the bed for all I care) has gone on a much deserved Holiday/Vacation.  Which is exactly where I ought to be if I had half the chance.  I’m not gonna get sucked in to more ridiculous pressure to perform and keep up with the Jolly Jack ass Jones’ who have more time than sense on their hands doing this kind of crazy stuff.


How about YOU??!!!