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Unless you can agree about shared care then you only really have two options. Put up and shut up or go via mediation and possibly court.

I’ll be honest and say that though there maybe justifiable reasons on your ex’s part re the Sunday night, it does suggest that finances could be an element of this.

Though how she manages childcare is her business, I also know of cases where the parent who would provide care was awarded contact on this basis over the need for third party care. Which given that the children are having to have wraparound care before and after school is quite significant. So on that front I’d say you’d have a good case for increasing contact further as this would arguably be in the children’s best interests.

The CMS however do also still require in some circumstances those with 50-50 care to pay maintenance. Dependent on the parent getting in first as to who is awarded, despite those that will say not to the contrary. (Ultimately with two parents it’s difficult to divide 365 evenly so one parent will have more!)


In the first instance, I would send a formal non emotive email stating you wish to review the current arrangement. Give an outline of your plan. If Sunday is so she touched base with the children or so she at least gets some quality weekend time be wary of simply riding roughshod over this and look at other dates.