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As you have said, courts frequently now expect that the onus on travel is put on the parent who relocated away.

You can apply to court for £250 if mediation doesn’t resolve the issue. And self representing without legal input would be appropriate and manageable.

I think that I would make sure you have a record of everything in writing. So if you haven’t already in would send a non emotive email, clarifying the situation.  So highlighting she relocated away from the family town, relocated the children to schools xxxx distance apart. That you have been unsuccessful with requests for flexible working, that you have requested she does half of the travel on your weekend Fridays,  as it makes the situation difficult and is not currently in the children’s best interests and that after all this issue has only come about as a direct result of choices she has made. Given illustrative time lines of if you do it or if she were to do it, to show how the impact on the children would be preferable as that’s key to success here.

I would add that if this issue cannot be resolved, with your suggestion of her facilitating Friday contact by travelling with the children that you will both need to pay for formal mediation with a view of going to court if a resolution cannot be found.

Also have you made a formal request to work rather than just verbal?