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You are far from alone ☺.

It’s much easier to get sorted straight away.

You want your daughter as much as possible.

You should really be paying 50/50 on mortgage until sold as you made a promise but state that.

She can buy her house. You can buy yours.

I would not be paying a penny if 50/50 custody, obviously as I said before about school stuff to share or trips etc.

Be fair, don’t wait like me as it never came right or fair. I could do it all started a new business and he would man up and show me he could he didn’t he let me do it all and tried to drag me down when he had chance. Not good.

So my advice to you is don’t let your emotions, feeling sorry or guilty make you be a push over.

Get strong, get focussed, enjoy your little girl show her what you are made of fair, respectful, fun because in a blink of an eye she will be a women ☺ and hopefully a strong Independant one that has her very own Hero called Dad x