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Hi Busymum

No you’re certainly not alone and I’ve had numerous days where I’ve sat there in the evening thinking this routine is so tedious – yet another Groundhog day! I’m just trying to get out more and find activities to do so I’m not hanging around in the house all the time.  I have 2 teenagers so appreciate it is possibly a bit easier for me now. You certainly have a lot on your plate! I’ve been separated over 4 years now and I still have many times feeling sad. I try to get out for walks which really helps lift your mood and focus on other things.  Are your older kids able to babysit the younger ones so you could go out occasionally?  Find a new hobby etc? I joined a choir which I love and can forget everything for an hour! I’ve also just signed up to Meetup – do google it if you haven’t heard of it.  Loads of groups you can join in your area & different people to meet – with or without kids

Hope your week improves and you have no more groundhog days!

Izzie : )