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Under these circumstances it is most likely that she would be ordered to make half the journeys. However at four hours one way a court nay well say that eow is too much now for this level of travel.

Did she discuss relocating with you beforehand?

Did you have any written agreement about what she would do?

Did you object?

Mediation would probably have to be in the location of the resident parent in your circumstances, however if you apply locally and she refuses/declines then it is signed off and you can proceed to court.

I am afraid that there only seems to two plausible outcomes I can envisage.

  1. Less weekend contact, but increased holiday contact. Primarily due to the eight hour round trip for the child.
  2. You apply for resident parent status and effectively apply to have the child with you full time. So that the tables are reversed. Again that’s not ideal and may not be what your child wants either.

Either way it would seem that your son will lose out on contact with you.