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Hi Sherry

There aren’t any groups around here either it seems but there is one single dad locally I met through the forum.  I’ve noticed quite a few posts from the Birmingham area but not sure if they’re near you or not. Do you have your son the whole time or do you get a break? I always have mine except for days here and there. Their dad doesn’t have room for them to stay over. We muddle along! Kids are happy at school now after a very stressful GCSE year! Really hope your son settles soon and makes some good friends.  My son is Year 9 now but he hardly knew anyone at his secondary school to begin with. It can take time for them to find their feet but you’re right – it doesn’t last forever thankfully!

The loneliness as a single parent can be really awful especially evenings and weekends.  I’ve joined a choir which I love and now hope to get involved with the Meetup groups so I can have a social life again! I do have friends – they’re just always busy or with family at weekends. I still get very sad but cope better with these times now.  I’m sure it will be the same for you. It’s just such a shock at first

I live in Stroud which is about 1.5 hours from you but if you ever wanted to meet up at a weekend, Worcester is about half way and I’d be happy to drive there.  Do you drive? There’s another mum from Worcester who seemed keen to meet too. Anyway, let me know! Hope you have a good week : )