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Thanks so much for your reply. It was similar circumstances for me. I was in my dream home and then my ex decided another woman would be a better option for him. I loved that house and we were forced out. I’m pleased this house is mine and he has no claim on it and that is a positive.
I do feel we are lucky. I’ve had to do a lot of work here – it really was a slum for quite a while and my family have helped as best they can, but my parents are elderly and my dad can’t paint anymore because he can’t grip properly so I’m having to do more now. It dies look so much better, I just feel very claustrophobic here. It’s like we are penned in. In my old home I didn’t mind if we didn’t go out at the weekend, now the first thing I want to do is go out.

i enjoy cooking and I find it hard that I have the smallest kitchen imaginable and there’s no option to increase the space.

We lost our dog too just after we moved. She is very missed, but financially and with my change of work that the divorce brought, it’s now not possible for us to have a dog.

im glad you have your girl with you for Christmas. My boy is with me this year. Last year was so hard not having him with me on Xmas day. It’s grossly unfair that because my ex chose a better option that’s allowed. On my first Xmas as a solo mum I invited the ex over. He declined. My boy would be happier if we were all together in Xmas day so it seems like every Christmas he is punished too.

im hoping to get a friend to put a curtain pole up in my lounge as I think the curtains will make it look better. It’s these little bits I try to hang onto!