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Hi Thanks for your response, really appreciate it! In answer to your questions:

1. she is 3.5 years old.

2. They will not allow him to use the house if they were not there

3. I never focus on the fact that it would make my life more difficult with him. But what i mean by that is one of the suggestions is that he would collect her on Saturday instead of friday, and extending his visit in to the following week. Not only would this push the visit over the amount of time she feels comfortable with, I am exhausted being a single working mum and studying in the evenings, and to be honest I need a rest occasionally, and he would be halving the opportunity I have for that… this is the only purely selfish thing in my argument

4. The last time we tried an extended visit was late September and she was an awful mess after it. I want her to have longer visits with her dad, but she really doesn’t cope well with it at the moment.

He has offered a number of suggestions int he last few months including picking her up after nursery on Monday PM and dropping her back Tuesday PM but with that long journey; Dropping her back to me Sunday afternoon, picking her up Monday am dropping her back Tuesday AM, or 3-4 day weekends


Obviously picking her up Monday PM and dropping her at nursery Tuesday AM works great if he was local but i can’t see that happening any time soon. I will for now keep hoping that he moves locally again as he keeps promising then the more frequent visits should be fairly easy to arrange