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A lot would depend on different factors.

  1. How old is the child?
  2. Why could he still not use his parents?  Presumably he could have a key if they were out?
  3. Refusing because it makes your life difficult wouldn’t go down well in many courts depending on the difficulties it causes.
  4. The extended visits may now be different given its five plus since they were first tried. So probably shouldn’t be just dismissed without consideration.
  5. You risk coming across as saying he needs to see her more but then possibly being obstructive, refusing all of his suggestions so this cannot happen. Not saying you are, but this has probably led to the accusations being bounded around. (Which aren’t acceptable).

Ideally you should both be making compromises in the best interests of the child. However neither seem willing to try. And I think that ultimately at this time, you can refuse his offers and continue with the weekends only waiting to see of he goes to court. As a rule of thumb he wouldn’t get midweek overnight contact if not within an hour of school etc unless the child is younger than school age and he could spend the next day with her or doesn’t need to be anywhere early.

I think that his location doesn’t help. And I imagine there are many reasons for this choice.  Right now, I think you need to try and find some middle ground. You have so many years ahead of you where you need to coparent.

What did he suggest?