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I will add if the issue isn’t too complex, you can represent yourself in court.

As you should be well aware, anyone with the clarity can represent themselves in court. Solicitor’s are the paper shufflers, Barristers are the actual doers in court.

I have represented myself on 4 occasions and I have 3 for 4 records, but that was personal to myself, so I knew the ins and outs pretty well, and I used the law, not legality (legislation) to win the 3 I did, only as I know the law, but I do not know legislation; one is not the same as the other, hence I lost one.

Courts do not deal with black & white – as most believe, courts deal with probability, unless a ‘fact’ backed up with evidence can be proven and more importantly agreed by the majority (depending on the court setup: county court, high court, magistrates, and how many authoritarians will be present, 1, 2, 3, 4?)! anything else is debatable and up for widespread pickings and therefore watered down.

If you have all the facts and are confident, then you could do this yourself, backed up with some case law and common law knowledge, I could talk you through it, if I knew the ins and outs and what had transpired before in court, but for £17500, I’d take a coffee!

The choice is yours ultimately if you have time to read up – apologies if none of it is helpful.