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Hello 😊.

I’m guessing you felt that something was off that is why you was asking your ex’s for clarity?

Ladies tend to get over their partners over a period of time before something breaks the camels back.

No emotion is probably because they were numb already?

Women can get themselves into a position to fend for their family and get things on order which empowers them grows massive strength which makes men feel inadequate?

Or push their man away because of mental health issues?

If you tret them right, inside you will know this and maybe give your ex’s time to miss you and want you back and use the time to show her you can live without her, get a hobby, new job, new outlook on life and be humble with it 😊

If you feel that you could have tret them better then do the inner work to be the man she married or even better the man that you know you can be 😊.

Loyalty is everything if you genuinly want your wives back be consistent and never give up. Be fair and fight for them ❀