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I was in a similar situation to your ex. My ex tried for years to force the sale of the family home which my son and myself lived in, I think it was about 8 years before he gave up trying. Each time he dragged me to court I could show that I was paying the mortgage and all the other bills that came with it. The courts never once ordered me to sell the house. He has a solicitor each time, I represented myself each time.

I always wondered how he could be doing something that would make our son homeless, I never got my head around that.


You say she can buy the house from you; wouldn’t that give you enough of a financial boost to set yourself up or am I missing something?

If you can work this out with her you will be wise to do so as solicitors cost an arm and a leg and any money that you gain from the house will go towards solicitors fees, you wouldn’t come out with a great deal unless the house was worth hundreds of thousands.