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The way it got explained to me was that regardless of your ex partner’s intentions – were something to happen to her, her estate would still have claim until this was resolved, and also while things are amicable it’s all good and fine but people change, situations change and when she meets a new partner (or if you do and she reacts badly to it) then all that can go out of the window very quickly indeed.

The best thing to do is while you are both amicable is to draw up a clean break order.  This is a form of consent order which states that once agreement has been made over any transference of money and property between you that no further claims can be made in the future.

So for example if one of you came into a huge amount of money through lottery or inheritance etc the other would be able to make a claim (without a clean break order this is always a risk still even after divorce).

Therefore it is imperative that this is sought as it gives peace of mind to both parties, and if you can do this while things are still amicable it will save you a lot of headache further down the line.