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I was in a similar situation.
being on your own with a baby is hard, talk to your health visitor as they can organise extra support for you by extra visits, organising extra things for you like therapy.
Talk to friends or your family members and organise a either a fortnightly or monthly day where they look after the baby so you can have a baby-free day…trust me you need it.

My ex isn’t on my daughter birth certificate so his family and him have no right to my daughter (he was abusive so it’s for the best).
I’m currently on universal credit and studying my masters so I can be out of work until my daughter is 3years old then back to work for me. As your maternity pay goes down, your universal credit should increase as maternity pay is counted as an income. Just make sure everyone is on your account so you can get child and housing elements.
its especially hard when your the only single parent in your area or friendship group (like me) but best thing is to push yourself to go to stay and play in your area and make new friends.

ever want to talk send me a message, I’m around most of the time 😊