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I’m in a potentially similar position to you, as this could be me in about a year and a half (16weeks pregnant with 3rd child) so I armed myself with knowledge as I’ll not be naming the father on the birth certificate either, but I will be making the ‘father’ go to court if he wants access, and ensure contact through a contact centre, with supervision, and trust will have to be earnt for overnight stays.


Do not feel bullied into letting your child stay there overnight, and insist access is done correctly through court. He may not have money, but that isn’t your concern, your child’s safety is, so stand firm, and IF this becomes an issue with the ex then you are within your rights to stop contact and insist it is taken to court and the proper proceedings can take place.

I’m lucky – there is a warrant out for the arrest of the man who fathered my child for not attending court, so he is welcome to apply for the right to see his child but he will have to be arrested first and go to prison! Which he won’t do…. he’s not a suitable father figure on my opinion, and would need to change his life around for the privilege to become a parent.

Stand firm, you are your child’s advocate-there is some brilliant advice to be had here 😊