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Mark thank you for number much appreciated


the person i’m trying to remove is my ex partners friend of 3 years who’s responsible for the mess i’ve ended up with and continuously is causing problems

there no court order in place against me and have had to go through the legal arena to obtain a contact order which took over a year and also approach the school to let them know i’m on the scene and want to be kept up to speed on how my daughters are doing also attending parents evening

the saddest thing no matter how much i do things by the book with my girls i’m continuously undermined by this woman poisoning my ex partner to the point where my 6 year old daughter was made to choose who went to her sports day

the words where

Daddy i don’t want you at sports day because Mummy said if you go she won’t

unfortunately my ex has allowed this woman too much to dominate and influence the situation from the start which is why i need the individual removed