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I had serious issue with our son going to a religious school as I am also an atheist but felt that the school in question was going to impose belief etc.  It was not a case of anti C of E, but wanting them to not impose any belief and instead wanting him to learn about diversity of people of all faiths or lack thereof.  I must say I have been extremely surprised in that despite concerns the school has helped bring values and compassion and really have helped with dealing with his parents separation as well as been supportive to both myself and his mother during that time, and to this day he is now agnostic… Kind of still figuring it all out but being very aware of diverse beliefs.

I think many religions (Islam included) provide a lot of sanctuary or some people despite me being an atheist.  The only concern I would have relating to that specifically would be to share Mark’s concern if it is a sudden converting to it my their father in light of current affairs – but there is a huge difference between Islam and those who use extremist factions of it to do justify acts that real Muslims would never ever condone .  I’d reccommend talking to your kids about it and learning as much as possible about what they are told and must do etc…see what it really is that their father believes.  The same would apply to any sudden conversion and imposition of faith on kids of any religion,  but if you have concerns it’s only possible to do something once you know what you are dealing with and as Anonymous said both theist and atheist beliefs are valid as each other, all you can do is get your view across as balance but make sure that nothing his side is actually damaging or harmful.  If it is any real religion (including Islam) it won’t be….if it is any form of extremism that’s when you need to take action, otherwise just focus on doing what you already are and show them your side and invite them to make up their own minds.  The fact you are not forcing it upon them should hopefully make them more receptive.