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Anonymous, I’m sorry I couldn’t contribute earlier, I’ve just done a 9 1/2 shift at work.

G has tried to compromise but because of her ex’s religious views he is unwilling to come to an agreement. The middle ground is that he does not allow his beliefs to effect his childrens view of their mother, this is clearly not the case.

At no point did I state that the children were expected to fast at school, I merely pointed out that is a fact that children who are hungry suffer intellectually, I did not say anything to inflame G, I said it because it is a provable FACT. It seems more likely that you tried to twist my words to force an argument so that you can falsely claim we are islamaphobic which is rubbish.

It is absolutely wrong for one parent to make out that the other parent is going to hell because they don’t believe. Not that G made that statement, she said that the children were told that she would not go to heaven but again youre twisting what was said to suit your agenda.

G has not been inflexible, she has said that she has no problem with the children learning about her ex’s religion and has not stood in the way when he wanted to take them to these events, it has only become a problem when the father’s religion has affected he and her childrens relationship which is perfectly reasonable. G has not said she doesn’t want the children to participate in their fathers religious activities so how can that be naive? Perhaps it might be best to actually read what she is saying rather than make up things to attack her?

Gs ex and herself brought up the children to be non religious. Do you not think that from a childs point of view that for one parent to turn fanatical about some god is going to confuse them? Or is it that the children’s mental stability is less important than their conversion to a particular religion?

What Gs ex is imposing on her and her children is awful, no parent should feel alienated because the other has decided to suddenly worship a mystical being.

Brainwashing is exactly the right word, if the ex was teaching them facts that’s fine but he isn’t, he is forcing his beliefs which are not held up by science, if he wants to believe in some god that’s fine, it’s up to him but he shouldn’t inflict his beliefs on anyone else especially at the detriment of children’s mother.

Children are the most things in world and should never be put before any unprovable and ultimately caustic belief.