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Anonymous, it is absolutely not normal to force children to not eat, my child has breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as various snacks (he is slim btw), it is well documented in schools that hungry children suffer educationally which is why so many schools are offering breakfast clubs and free school meals so it’s nonsense to say it’s normal for children, in fact I think it abusive.

Equally it is now illegal to take a child out of school without good reason and the parents could be fined for it, education must always come before religion so no its not ok to take a child out of school for religion.

You seem to be totally missing the point in that this man is alienating G through the use of religion, if he wants to believe fine but to victimise someone for their non belief is wrong as is trying to brainwash the children in such a way that it harms the relationship between a mother and her children which is what Gs ex is doing.

G said that she doesn’t have a problem with his religion so there was no need to make out she is islamaphobic, it’s the awful impact of the fathers religion that’s the problem not the religion itself which G made very clear.