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Thank you so much for replying, Anonymous Mummy.

He’s had Friday- Sunday every other weekend, plus Wednesday overnight. He demanded more- every Tuesday and Wednesday nights, plus Fri- Mon every other weekend. I wasn’t happy with that so rather than have a battle with him, I’ve agreed that he can take the girls Fri-Mon as requested, but no more through the week. Both girls have said that they don’t want this to happen as they’d rather be with me. I’ve applied for a residency thing with the court- so that I can have it made official, and so that he can’t just keep the girls and not return them.

In truth I’m absolutely terrified that he’s going to make out like I’m a bad mum ( I know I’m not, but still) and that the court will say that my beautiful girls are better off in his care than mine. I’m terrified that the advice I’ve been given is wrong and that I’ll have to pay him money that I just don’t have. I’ve obviously got a solicitor, but the ex has said that she’s giving me bad advice and that I’ll end up in trouble. I’m just feeling very much like I’m out of my depth.