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Lydia1995, to clarify further, if, as your new post suggests, you have actual safeguarding concerns around your daughter (“I am genuninely scared for my daughter’s wellbeing”), then report them and address the specifics through the appropriate authorities. A mediator would advise the same. When I say don’t exaggerate, I’m not suggesting you are exaggerating. Just be honest, you know if you are.

Alternatively, take a step back. If you believe that that, despite you and your ex’s differences/conflict, he is a decent father, then take steps to agree a realistic future plan for your daughter. Realise that your (and your ex’s) views will influence your daughter’s views. Involve an independent third party, such as a mediator, who will set it out in a childcentric way.

Anonymous, again, you are trying to find offence where there is, obviously, none intended. Your post is also confusing, are you saying you are a man?