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Thank you empty and Anonymous.

We were not married.

Bubba is 10 weeks old

He said a good few times during my pregnancy that I was just a “baby maker” for him, and I was made to feel like our baby was very much his baby, being a first time mum, with all my hormones flying about, I didny find his  so called “jokes” funny. I was very hurt by him walking out, left me to prepare for little one on my own, he didn’t and hasn’t contributed anything money wise. I accepted he wanted out, and I’ve kept any feeling I have to deal with separate. I’ve allowed him access anytime he wants, and I’m always going out of my way to make sure bubba and daddy have a wonderful time together. It’s just my biggest fear that he will just take him away, I know he should be allowed to have his son , and I want what is best for bubba,even though I will find it hard. he does pretty much call all the Shots at the moment, he keeps telling me who I can see and were I can go with bubba, just to test me, see if I will do as I’m told,  I have stood my ground and went to see my family and friends with bubba. Most of the time I  take bubba to see his friends and family, again I have no problem with this, apart from wanting to go home before 10pm, when he wants us to stay,   I just don’t want him putting unnecessary stress on me which in turn will affect bubba, His family keep asking to baby sit, and get funny because I say no, I’m not readdy, somtimes I feel that they are all too much, but I want to keep it amicable, trying to find the balance, am I right to not want them all to take over or am I being unreasonable?