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Thanks so much for the advice you two: she today turned up unannounced with my son! Proves what a game player she is: so i have him until tommorow night as it’s the school hols and im at work monday morning.

We went to mediation but they said the miam was over a year ago so id need another: is this correct? To me it sounded like they just wanted another £65 or whatever it costed out of me …?

as for the rest, she abused and emotionally and physically abused for years but no charges, just police log numbers, so no solid proof. (She is VERY clever and manipulative).

I know i won’t be entitled to full legal aid as i ‘earn’ £1,100 a month but after rent and bills im left with around £30 to myself which soon goes….but on paper it basically says £1,100-£500 rent leaves me with £600 a month ‘disposable income’ which is of course rubbish, as it doesn’t take into account council tax, maintenance, food, gas, electric, tv licence, water, work travel expenses etc!

so i’m kinda in limbo: the second i don’t pay her maintenance she stops me seeing my son and it would take me months and months just to save up for 1 mediation session, miam and 1 court hearing…:(

i’m thinking about self representing but i’ve had a look at the documents and it seems SO complicated and i wouldnt know how to answer half the questions? Any advice? Simply cannot afford any solicitors or barristers at all. And this is all without counting for emergencies, birthdays etc. (It’s also my sons birthday next pay day AND my fridge freezer is on the fritz 🙁 )