Our forum is moderated to make sure that we maintain a safe space for users.

When do we moderate?

Our forum is moderated by Gingerbread staff during office hours, Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm. Our forum is not moderated outside of office hours. This includes evenings, weekends and bank holidays.

What do moderators do?

Our moderators:

  • make sure everyone complies with the house rules
  • look out for anyone who’s at risk of significant harm

Moderators don’t:

What does it mean if a word is blocked out in a post?

Our forum blocks out certain words in posts, including extreme swearing and discriminatory language. This makes sure it’s a safe, welcoming and respectful environment for all users. We aim to capture all extreme or discriminatory language this way, but sometimes words will unfortunately will slip through. We will continually review this should words be missed.

How do I report something or speak to Gingerbread about the forum?

If you’re concerned about a post or user, you can click the ‘report’ button. Moderators then receive a notification. We deal with reports during office hours as quickly as possible. We’ll assess whether something has broken the rules or is a safeguarding concern. We always write to you to let you know the outcome of your report. You should not wait more than 5 working days to have your report dealt with.

If you’d like to speak to someone about the forum, drop us an email. This email account is monitored during office hours only.