Color Obstacle Rush

12 May 28 Jul

Saturday 12 May 18 - Saturday 28 Jul 18 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

The Color Obstacle Rush is a unique event combining the fun of colour powdered runs, the thrill of an obstacle course and the atmosphere of a music festival. These exciting 5K events are across the UK, so find one near you to get involved and enjoy this colourful experience!

What’s included?

Following signing up and paying your registration fee, you will get:

  • An event t-shirt
  • A personal colour packet!
  • Official finishers medal
  • A fun pre-event work out
  • The finishing line festival to get involved on!

You can also request a Gingerbread t-shirt if you’d prefer to run in that – it may get a bit messy though!

Sponsorship required

All you need to do is raise £100 for Gingerbread to help support single parent families. Registration fees vary from £33-49 depending on how close to the event you sign up, so get registered as soon as possible!

Where are the events?

You can find a full schedule for 2018 here. Locations include:

  • Brighton: 12/5
  • Windsor: 20/5
  • Milton Keynes: 2/6
  • London: 9/6
  • Newcastle: 16/6
  • Bath: 23/6
  • Sheffield: 30/6
  • Derby West: 14/7
  • Liverpool: 21/7
  • Birmingham: 27/7

How do I sign up?

You can sign up for the Color Obstacle Rush 2018 by clicking here. If you require more information, you can email us at or simply call 020 7428 5415. We would love to have you on Team Gingerbread!

Sign up today!