As Gingerbread representatives (staff and volunteers) we are accountable for the ways in which we work. We have a duty to keep ourselves and others safe.

This is achieved by maintaining a respectful, caring and professional approach to work and volunteering, by conducting ourselves in a way that demonstrates integrity, maturity and good judgement, and by upholding Gingerbread’s values and policies.

We do this by:

• Being friendly, courteous and kind at all times
• Treating everyone with dignity and respect regardless of age, sex, gender, disability, racial heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation, appearance or cultural background, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity
• Planning and organising our work and the workplace to minimise risks to health, safety and wellbeing
• Respecting other people’s privacy and boundaries
• Creating and maintaining a non-defensive, non-judgemental attitude and an open culture in which issues and concerns can be discussed
• Constructively challenging unacceptable behaviour, assumptions and stereotypes
• Seeking support and guidance when we need it, for ourselves and others.

We will not:

• Use language, make suggestions or offer advice which is inappropriate, harassing, abusive, sexually provocative, demeaning or culturally inappropriate
• Allow or engage in any kind of physical contact that is inappropriate or potentially abusive
• Develop relationships or act in a way that is abusive or may place a person at risk of harm, exploitation or abuse
• Condone, or participate in, behaviour which is illegal, unsafe or abusive
• Act in ways intended to shame, humiliate, belittle or degrade.
We are all committed to providing safe and supportive environments for everyone involved in our organisation – a place where people want to work, parents want to engage and receive support, and organisations want to partner with us to improve the lives of single parent families.

If you have concerns or feedback about the conduct of a Gingerbread representative, you can raise these via our complaints process.