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, am an older single mum, wud love to meet ov 40

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, am an older single mum, wud love to meet ov 40

Posted Fri 05 Nov 2010 14:47

Hi, i am shirldo, an older single mum, been on my own for 3 yrs, and get kinds lonely at times, as there are not many sinle parents my age group - 44-53.
I am very interested and excited to meet up with some single parents out there in my age group.

, I have been on my own for 3 years and had quite a tough, abusive marriage, so glad i got the courage to divorce him and FREE AT LAST!!!!!!!!!! Just my 12 years old daughter Laura and me at home now.

I am very outgoing, kind, coinsiderate, friendly, love chatting, walking, animal lover, local history, sports, gardening etc.,
I am a christian and belong to a great, lively and fun going church, and it was my church that kept me sane and stopped me going over the side!!!!!!!

Hope to hear from anyone out there, i live in Radcliffe, Manchester near Bury, but welcome friends from othe areas too. cheers



Posted Fri 05 Nov 2010 20:22

Hello, I will be be in your age group in just a few short weeks but my kids are younger than yours, my eldest is 9. I do know a few other single parents my age and even older but we just don't fit the stereo type do we ? Not that the stereo type should even exist of course, but when I meet others (anyone, married, single or other) and they find out I am a single parent they tend to be quite shocked. Maybe they should stop reading certain press articles and look at the real world more.

Sadly I'm not in your area but I love to chat online.

Posted Tue 09 Nov 2010 18:56

Hi Guys
I too am an older mum, my daughter is 4 so according to statistics I am an ancient one!!!!
I too had an abusive relationship but was not married, somehow managed to escape and spent nearly 3 years going through court to get rid of him and his influence on our lives.
Any way its all moved on and I find myself ignored as I am older with a young child I dont see it as a problem but a way to enjoy life and remain active lol

Posted Tue 09 Nov 2010 20:01

Hi Losana

Yeh would love to chat. Wherebouts ate you in UK? Yeh i feel same as you, as most of Laura's mates mum's are quite young and i feel more like a granny than a mum, despite being very young at heart. Yeh life can be hard, but you can get through it just loook at positive's thats what you have to do. My christian faith really helps me a lot, as it lifts me up when i start to feel down, that is one big advantage. How many kidz have you? I have Laura from my recent divorced marriage and 4 grown up sons from my previous marriage. We have been through quite a lot of hard times, but like is getting easier each day as you grow and gain strength through life's many challenges. Where do you work? I am looking for a job, hopefully in suporting aduts with learning difficulties, which i have done for a while.
Gope to hear from you soon Take care



Posted Tue 09 Nov 2010 20:08

Hi Vivani

Yeh would be nice to keep in contact. I was quite old when i had Laura -40 i had already 4 young sons from my previous marriage.

But sadly my recent marriage ending in divorce turned out to be quite abusive in most areas. I should have gotten rid of him years ago, but felt very controlled by him, lasting for 11 years UGH!!!!! But now divorced i divorced him naming his partner who he cheated with on me, best leave el 2 it deserve each other. My christianity gets me through, lifts me up so much glad i have so much faith. Wherebouts do you live? I live nr Bury Lancashire. Hope to hear from you soon take care



Posted Sun 14 Nov 2010 21:03

Hi I am an older (46) single mum of two (10 and 8) I live in Gloucestershire and would love to meet mums in similar position to me. I have been on my own for 3 years. My children go to local village school and most of parents are happily married! If anyone is in my area I would love to chat and meet. Jules

Posted Thu 02 Dec 2010 14:21

Hi my name is Kath an im well and truly in your age group !!! I live in warrington so not to far from you I have a son Jordan 11 and a daughter also Laura who is 27 not to mention my 3 gorgeous grandsons James 10 Dominic 6 and luca who is 2 think we are in the minority being single parents at our age ! so nice to know Im not alone anyway Im doing this at work but its home time now so I will get back to you and tell you a bit more about myself and family when Im at home

Posted Thu 02 Dec 2010 18:06

I've manged to log in again so making the most of it

Lovely to see so many of us 'wrong side of 40' mums here, and I say that very tongue in cheek as I think we're very much still the right side! I am far more chilled out and relaxed now than I was in my 20s, despite having far less responsibilities then And a heck of a lot less selfish and self centered to boot!

Of course I didn't have my kids then either and the thought of being a mum of 3 would have been repulsive - nobody could have told me then that children could bring so much joy to your life, they were just little things that made a noise and mess and got in the way back then

My 40+ baby, my youngest, was a total surprise. Had a touch of indegestion that wouldn't go away so went to docs and found out I was over 3 months pregnant At least that meant I skipped the agnst of the first trimester as well as all the sickness.

I thought I'd found a few mums at my kids school who looked a similar age to me, and then their kids came out and called them nan/gran . . . Ah well, I plan on being the proper elderly eccentric granny, Going to dye my hair pink and relive the days of my youth when I could get away with wildly coloured hair and madcap clothing - only the young and the old seem to be able to get away with it

Posted Thu 02 Dec 2010 20:35

I am 42 and my baby is 15mths, so am sometimes seen as 'old'. I have no friends in this area, althouh I chat to mums as we wait to collect our kids. I don't see them as friends. I'd like to write to others in the same boat and hope to hear from you soon .

Posted Sat 04 Dec 2010 11:54

Hi Julie, nice to see I'm not the only one with a terribly complicated situation!

I'm 45, have four kids, 13yrs and 11yrs from my estranged husband, and 3yrs and 14months with my "babyfather' (for want of a better word). Well, in the same way, the babyfather's wife does not know about the 1yr old, and he is too scared to tell her. Like you, the last baby was a bit of a surprise (thought I was too old!) and the dad went mental, and tried to persuade me to get an abortion (nice). I didn't, and I absolutely love being me, 45yr old single mum of four! Estranged husband is OK, but we rarely talk. Babyfather is still with his wife, but he sees the kids as often as possible.

I live in Kensal Green.


Posted Sun 05 Dec 2010 14:27

Hi, this reply is mostly in response to Julie's post but from what I've read here so many have had such difficult situations. I'm a single mum to a four year old who came out of a 10 year relaltionship last year and recently had a thing with a guy from the past who said too many lovely things and then ran for the hills!! Life has been for me and can be so hard can't it but for each thing that's happened to me I've picked myself up, dusted myself down and tried again to build a life. I've read every self help book going over the years and the best advice I've taken from all of them is that 'you can't control what happens to you in life, but you can control how you react to it'. I've learnt to take one day at a time and smile at simple things.

It's very nice to have a forum such as this because I do believe it's better to talk about what bothers you.

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